Alex Fink

Alex Fink

Seeking the Beloved Community through Data Justice

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Researching Surveillance and Data Justice

Together, we can build our capacities and make space to live communal lives. My research, teaching, and youth work all point to ways to make this possible.

You can find me on Twitter @AlexFink or on my personal blog (Public) Fragments. Communicate privately with me on

In Spring 2015, I'm co-teaching a course on Multicultural Inclusive Learning and Teaching. It's a MOOC variant we are calling an "OOPS" -- Open, Online, Participatory Seminar -- because, OOPS! sometimes we say the wrong thing and need to work it out, OOPS! we're gathering to talk about this topic, OOPS! this doesn't look how it's supposed to. Come join us:

I'm a Ph.D. student at the University of Minnesota in Youth Studies & Social Work, a contributing editor for, a Research Justice Team member @Youthprise and a HASTAC Scholar. You can view my academic profile at, ResearchGate, and Google Scholar.

I'm the host of The OKCast, a podcast and blog covering the Open Knowledge, Education, Government, Science, Source, and Data movement - or as I take it, what can be a movement toward #DataJustice. Find us on Twitter @TheOKCast.

In addition to this work, I am learning JavaScript and Python development. Check out my current projects, Miner (#opendata tool), UniversalDesignBootstrap (universal design for learning tool), and Semantic Archives (with the test subject being the development of the Twin Cities Hip-Hop Archive).